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Is the TX80 a Forz of nature?

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The Forz TX80 is the latest compact kit from the ever-popular Vaporesso.

It’s safe to say that Vaporesso has some of the best chipsets on the market and the Forz TX80 comes with their new Axon 2.0 chip.

The Forz TX80 is a single 18650 device rated at 80 watts. It comes with an IP67 rating, meaning it is water, shock, and dust-proof.

This kit includes the Forz 25 sub-ohm tank, which has a 4.5ml capacity and uses the GTR coil range. 

The Vaporesso Forz TX80 is available in 5 colors: Steel blue, gunmetal gray, imperial red, brick black, leather brown.

The Good

Great build quality, compact design, IP67 rated (Water/Dust/Shock-proof), excellent chipset, good performance from included tank/coils.

The Bad

Rubber coating attracts dust, no color screen (subjective).

The Bottom Line

The Forz TX80 is an incredibly robust and compact single 18650 kit. It delivers excellent performance thanks to its Axon 2.0 chip and impressive GTR coils. Manages to strike the perfect balance between ruggedness and stylish looks. Overall a superb Kit.

Vaporesso Forz TX80 Kit
Vaporesso Forz TX80 Specs & Features
  • Dimensions: 133.1 x 41.7 x x30.1mm
  • Coils: GTR 0.15ohm mesh (60-80W) GTR 0.4ohm mesh (40-60W)
  • Tank capacity: Standard 4.5ml / TPD 2ml
  • Output power: 5 – 80W
  • Battery capacity: 1 x 18650 (not included)
  • Display: 0.69in OLED screen
  • Charging current: DC 5V/2A Type C
  • Tank connection: 510 thread
Vaporesso Forz TX80 Kit Contents
  • Forz TX80 Mod
  • Forz Tank 25 (4.5ml)
  • GTR 0.15ohm mesh coil (pre-installed)
  • GTR 0.4ohm mesh coil
  • Type C USB charging cable
  • Rubber drip tip cover
  • Spare glass tube (4.5ml)
  • 4 x spare O ring
  • Screwdriver
  • USB Silicone plug
  • Forz badge

Design & Style

First impressions of the Forz TX80 were that it was a slightly more stylish version of something from the Geekvape Aegis line.

However, I think that actually is doing it a disservice. Yes, the Forz TX80 has all the rubberized finish and other design accents that make it IP67-rated, but it’s also a great looking mod. Not to mention it’s lightweight, compact, and feels great in the hand.

The Forz TX80 features a 0.69-inch OLED black and white display on the front of the device. This seems to be a trend for Vaporesso nowadays to keep things simple, and to be honest I don’t think a device like this needs a color screen.

Above the screen is the rectangular fire button, which is perfectly responsive and clicky. Then there are three buttons beneath the screen, which are the +/- adjustment buttons and the menu button.

Vaporesso Forz TX80 Kit

The 510 pin is off-center towards the front of the device, and the 25mm included tank fits flush when attached. On the side is a USB-C port for charging, which has a rubber protective plug, which helps it remain waterproof.

There are different color options available for the Forz TX80, with the back leather grip’s color being the main difference. We have the Brown Leather in for review, and I really like it. There’s some nice stitching and a ‘FORZ’ logo subtlely etched into it, which adds to the mod’s overall stylish design. 

The frame of the device is zinc alloy coated in a black rubberized finish; while it does help the durability, it also is a bit of a dust magnet. The included Forz 25 tank is also covered in black rubber for extra protection from drops.

Vaporesso Forz TX80 Kit

The front of the Forz TX80 is a gunmetal colored panel, which makes it look a little more premium. Then the battery compartment is on the base, which is a threaded cap like that of the Aegis Solo. It’s not the easiest to remove, but that’s because it needs to attache firmly to maintain a waterproof rating.

Overall the build quality of the Forz TX80 kit is excellent. It’s not only a durable, robust design but it’s also a good-looking kit. I definitely prefer the styling of this kit over any of the Aegis mods.

Vaporesso Forz TX80 Kit


The Forz TX80 is a single 18650 device powered by Vaporesson new Axon 2.0 chip.

It features all the usual Vaporesso power modes:

  • Pulse Mode
  • Power Eco
  • Smart TC
  • DIY Mode 

There is also a new ‘F(t)’ mode, which is supposed to adjust the output as you vape – more on this new mode later.

Vaporesso Forz TX80 Kit

While Vaporesso chipsets are incredibly comprehensive, they are not the easiest to use for beginners as there are a lot of options. Thankfully the navigating the device is easy:

  • 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on/off
  • 3 clicks of mode to enter the menu
  • Use +/- to scroll through the menu and select mode.
  • Use the fire button to exit the menu
  • 3 clicks of the fire button to lock +/- buttons (will still fire)
  • TCR & power adjustments are made after selecting the modes

The Forz TX80 also comes with a USB type C port for charging and features 2A fast charging. We’d still recommend charging your batteries separately, but it’s good to have fast charging included.

Vaporesso Forz TX80 Kit

Tank & Coils

The kit comes with the Forz 25 tank included; as you can tell by the name, it’s a 25mm diameter tank. 

It has a 4.5ml juice capacity (2ml TPD) and comes with a spare glass in the box. Hopefully, you won’t need that replacement glass, as the tank is pretty rugged with its rubberized coated cage.

The tank uses a wide bore 810 Delrin drip tip (which is O-ring fitted). It has some texture to it and is pleasant to use. There’s also a small metal ring on the base, which matches the design of the mod.

To fill the Forz 25 tank, you need to scree off the until top cap, which then reveals two large fill holes. The fill method is a little old school, but again it’s probably the best method for this style of rugged device.

The tank has an airflow control ring on the base, which is smooth and easy to adjust with a stopper at the end. The knurling on it not only adds to the overall rugged look but is also easy to grip.

Vaporesso Forz TX80 Kit Coils


The tank uses Vaporesso’s new GTR coils, and there are two included in the kit:

  • The GTR 0.15-ohm mesh coil (rated 60-80W)
  • The GTR 0.4-ohm mesh coil (rated 40-60W)

I’ll cover both these coils in the performance section below.

To replace a coil on the Forz 25, you need to remove the base of the tank, and then they are the Plug and Play coil type that just slots into the bottom of the tank.

The coils are not really that easy to remove as it’s hard to get a purchase on them. Thankfully Vaporesso includes a coil removal tool, which just helps you to prize them out. The toil can also be used for disassembling the entire tank if you need to replace the glass tube.

You also can’t remove a coil while there’s a lot of juice in the tank, it needs to be pretty empty.

Vaporesso Forz TX80 Kit


Firstly let’s cover the performance of the GTR coils.

The 0.15-ohm mesh GTR coil was giving me the best performance, around 70W. It delivered excellent flavor and clouds. It also seems to have a pretty good lifespan, I got through an easy 10-12 refills, and the coil was still going strong.

The only downside with the 0.15-ohm mesh coil is vaping it at 70W on this mod does drain your battery pretty fast. That’s why I preferred the other coil more.

The 04-ohm mesh GTR coil performed best for me around 50W. Again the flavor was excellent, it’s maybe not quite as full on the clouds as the 0.15-ohm coil, but it’s very minimal. The coil life was also just as good.

Vaporesso Forz TX80 Kit

Overall these are two excellent performing coils from Vaporesso.

Now onto the performance of the Forz TX80 mod.

If you’ve used any of Vaporesso’s recent mods, then the performance will be no surprise to you. It seems to deliver accurately on the power and fires pretty instantly (depending on your setting)

I typically vape Vaperosso mods in ‘Pulse’ mod, and I really enjoy them. However, I wanted to see how that mode stacked up against their new F(t) mode.

I honestly thought I wouldn’t really be able to tell the difference and that it was just some marketing nonsense. 

However, I’ve got to say the F(t) mode is now my favorite, and there really is quite a noticeable difference. Now it’s not a huge amount, and it’s not going to transform your vape entirely. Still, it’s definitely doing something in the background to try to deliver the flavor upfront. It seems like it ramps up a little faster whereas the pulse mode stays at more of a constant. 

Either way, I’m super happy with the new Axon 2.0 chip, and the Forz TX80 is one of the best performing single 18650 mods thanks to that chipset.

Good Vibes

  • Great build quality
  • Feels good in the hand
  • Stylish Leather backing
  • Lightweight & compact
  • IP67 rated (water/dust/shock-proof)
  • Fits 25 mm atomizers without overhang
  • Decent battery cap
  • Bright easy to read screen
  • Easy to navigate
  • Excellent chipset
  • Good power performance
  • Solid included tank
  • Great performance from both GTR coils

Bad Vibes

  • Rubber coating attracts dust
  • No color screen (subjective)
Vaporesso Forz TX80 Kit


Overall the Vaporesso Forz TX80 is an excellent kit.

It’s got great build quality, is IP67 rated without being ugly and overly rugged, and importantly it delivers on performance.

The Forz 25 tank and GTR coils are also an excellent match for the device, delivering a very attractive overall package. 

Personally, I’d rate the Forz TX80 over the Aegis Solo (its direct competitor). So if you are in the market for a robust single 18650 kit, this is currently the top choice.


This product was sent to us by Vaporesso for the purpose of this review.




The Forz TX80 is an incredibly robust and compact single 18650 kit. It delivers excellent performance thanks to its Axon 2.0 chip and impressive GTR coils. Manages to strike the perfect balance between ruggedness and stylish looks. Overall a superb Kit.
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The Forz TX80 is an incredibly robust and compact single 18650 kit. It delivers excellent performance thanks to its Axon 2.0 chip and impressive GTR coils. Manages to strike the perfect balance between ruggedness and stylish looks. Overall a superb Kit.Vaporesso Forz TX80 Kit | Review