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Need help finding a vape or smoke shop near you. If you have ever tried searching online for “vape shops near me?” it can sometimes present confusing and overwhelming results. We have provided you below with a simple and straightforward vape and smoke shop finder which will automatically find your current location and show you the nearest vape or smoke shops that sell what you need.

Whether you’re looking for vaporizers e-cigs, vape mods or just some e-juice, you can find it all here. Most smoke shops have expanded to include vape products as well as traditional smoking products. So this should help you locate your nearest store, and you might discover your next favorite e-liquid, new mod, atomizer or e-cigarette at one of these locations.

Vape & Smoke Shops Near You

What is a Smoke Shop?

A smoke shop or tobacco shop sometimes called a tobacconist, or tobacconist’s shop is a retailer that sell various forms of tobacco products and related accoutrements. Such as pipes, lighters, matches, rolling papers, pipe cleaners, pipe tampers and of course cigarettes.

Some people do call them head shops, which is not entirely accurate as these are different types of stores (which we’ll cover further down).

As vaping is becoming increasingly popular, these shops are starting to carry vaping products. These savvy stores understand the opportunity to help smokers trade in their smokes and find out more about vaping including the health benefits while at the same time encouraging vapers into their stores.

We hope that with more information, from smokers mixing with vapers and being educated that more smokers will make the transition to a healthier lifestyle. We hope that other smoke shop owners will see the that vaping is the future and join the trend.

What is a Head Shop?

A head shop is a retail store which specializes in gear used for the consumption of cannabis and tobacco (the confusion with smoke shop) and items related to cannabis culture.

The gear stores carry a wide range of cannabis-related paraphernalia including bongs, bowls, dab rigs, grinders, weed accessories, magazines, clothing, and even home décor.

The head shop means ‘a shop for heads’ originating in the 1960’s where pot heads, acid heads, opium heads and others would go to get their fix.

In the United States, head shops are legal as long as they sell items used for legal substances, so they tend to display signs claiming that products such as glass pipes and herb grinders are “for tobacco use only.”

What is a Vape Shop?

Vape shops are specialized stores that only sell vapor products such as e-liquids, vape mods, and vaping accessories. Many have a lounge designed to encourage members of the vape community to interact and test new products, especially e-liquid flavors.

It can be daunting for beginners, and vapor stores are committed to providing new vapers and smokers with the right information to support their needs and progress into vaping.

Whether you are looking for the best starter kit, e-juice or instructions on how a vaporizer works most stores are happy to walk you through the details, sample flavors and help build coils for rebuildable atomizers.

Using the above store locator, you should be able to find you closest vape shop or smoke shop nearest to you. We always recommend a vape shop as they are more specialized and have both the experience and environment to make sure you are vaping and not smoking.

Why Leave the House?

Sometimes we are just impatient, we want that new device, or we’ve just used the last of our favorite e-juice flavor. There are so many stores online that we use for our everyday good to make out life more manageable and vaping is no different – who wants to leave the house when they can bring it to you usually cheaper and without the headache.

The benefits of vape shopping online:

  • Convenience. The convenience of an online vape store is the most significant perk of shopping online. Where else can you comfortably buy at midnight while in your pajamas? Most people work all day when the retail stores are open, online vape stores give us the opportunity to shop 24/7, no lines to wait in or shop assistants to wait on to help you with your purchases, and you can do your shopping in minutes.
  • Better prices. Cheap deals and better prices are available online because online vape stores have lower overheads so they can pass the savings on. Many online shops offer discount coupons.
  • More variety. The choices of vape stores online are fantastic and will ensure you find your perfect vape. You can get different and sometimes rare brands, choose from an abundance of e-juice flavors from different sellers all in one place. You can shop from vape retailers in other parts of the country, or even the world, all without being limited by geography. Some online vape shops also have provisions in place to accept orders for items out of stock or on pre-sell and ship it when the stock becomes available.
  • Price comparisons. Comparing and researching vape products and their prices is so much easier online. You can also share information and reviews with other shoppers who have firsthand experience with a vape product or retailer.
  • No crowds. Most of us hate crowds when we are shopping. It also tends to be more chaotic when there are more crowds out, and this sometimes makes us feel rush or hurried. All of these problems can be avoided when you shop for vapes online.
  • Less compulsive shopping. When you are out shopping, there are often times when you end up buying vape gear compulsively that you don’t really need. Some vape shop salespeople use their selling skills to get us to make purchases. Sometimes we compromise on our vape gear through lack of choice in those vape shops.
  • Discreet purchases are easier. Some things are better done in the privacy of your home. Vaping is something that is done a lot and is considered normal, so this shouldn’t be an issue. Maybe you want to buy a vaporizer with some dry herb don’t want to bump into anyone you know. Online vape stores can protect your privacy.


Vape stores have their place in the vaping community if you are just starting out with vaping then it might be worth finding your nearest store and taking some free time to go and interact with the people there, you never know what you might find out.

Buying vaping gear online is the best option for your wallet. All the information you need is out there for you to do the research in the comfort of your own home and our we aim to cover most topics.

Any of the best starter kits we recommend will start you on the right path and if you want to take all the guesswork out of vaping then a take a look at a closed system device in our best pod mods you won’t need to change coils or even refill the juice.

If you are an experienced vapor and want to know more about squonking or how to vape some big clouds, then check out some of our reviews and make sure you buy from an online vapor store to get the best possible vape gear at the most reasonable price.

If you have the time, then use the store locator above to find a vape or smoke shop closest to you.

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