The New Members of Tri-proof ARGUS Series VOOPOO Announces the Official Launch Time!

NOTE: This is a sponsored press release written by VOOPOO. The views and opinions expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Vaping Vibe

Recently, the world-renowned e-cigarette brand, VOOPOO, released a Product preview picture on its official website.

The image clearly tells us that VOOPOO will unveil two products of ARGUS series on August 15th. It’s the third release of ARGUS products following the top-selling ARGUS GT 2, and ARGUS POD this year.

VOOPOO, whose name hit the world because of DRAG, has now owned four product series, ARGUS, DRAG, VINCI, and V series. According to their official introduction, ARGUS is the high-end series. In 2022, VOOPOO has released two widely praised ARGUS products, in which ARGUS GT 2, with advanced tri-proof functions and big cloud, has won industry-recognized Best MOD awards many times. 

Surprisingly, the leaked slogan of the two products, SOLID AS ARGUS, is same as that of ARGUS GT2. Meanwhile, with implications of inverted product outlines and snow mountain in the picture, it is not hard to guess that the two new products are also the MODS with tri-proof functions!

Retrospect the success of ARGUS GT 2, its IP68 tri-proof function is certainly the most significant factor. As VOOPOO first product with tri-proof function, ARGUS GT 2’s debut gained great attentions from professionals and countless reviews of top KOLs. Besides, it is honored with Best High Wattage Mod 2022 by VapingVibe, the edging e-cigarette website.

Additionally, belonging to the ARGUS series, the new products are believed to have connections with ARGUS GT 2, such as the tank, chip, wattage etc. We have every reason to believe that the two new products, just like VOOPOO ARGUS GT 2, will be recognized by the industry and be loved by worldwide users. 

Let’s see VOOPOO ARGUS new products launch on August 15th!








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