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OFRF nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank

The nexMESH sub-ohm tank if you haven’t guessed already is a sub-ohm tank that utilizes the excellent nexMESH produced by OFRF.

The nexMESH tank is their first entry into the sub-ohm market, it comes with a slide-to-fill system and two juice capacities. A 5.5ml bubble glass, and a 4ml straight PCTG section which is shock-resistant.

The tank comes with two coils, which both feature OFRF’s new innovative conical mesh coils, which are designed to taper at the top to help condense the flavor and vapor to help optimize the vape experience.

The nexMESH is available in 6 different colors; black, stainless, gunmetal, sapphire blue, gold, and rainbow.

The Good

Excellent build quality, nice design, easy coil replacement, innovative coil design, amazing flavor & vapor production.

The Bad

Bit of juice guzzler.

The Bottom Line

The OFRF nexMESH is easily one of the best sub-ohm tanks on the market. OFRF has really knocked it out of the park with the first sub-ohm tank thanks to the innovative design of the conical mesh coils, which deliver extraordinary flavor and vapor. The tank itself has very little to no flaws, and a delightful understated design – highly recommended.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us by OFRF for the purpose of this review.


  • 25 mm base diameter
  • 40.5 mm tall
  • Locking slide-to-fill top cap
  • Child-resistant
  • Large fill port
  • Leak-resistant silicone gasket
  • 4ml capacity (PCTG)
  • 5.5ml bubble glass included
  • Adjustable triple-airflow system
  • Bottom-mounted airflow control ring
  • 10 mm x 3 mm each air hole
  • Fully closeable
  • nexMESH conical mesh coil
  • nexMESH A1 (0.2-ohm/75-85 watts/Kanthal A1/organic cotton)
  • nexMESH SS 316L (0.15-ohm/350-540 °F/180-280 °C/can be used without temp control/55-75 watts/SS 316L/organic cotton)
  • Stainless steel and glass construction
  • 810 acrylic resin or Delrin drip tip
  • 12 mm bore

In the Box

  • 1 x nexMESH 25 mm sub-ohm tank
  • 1 x 5.5ml bubble glass tank section
  • 1 x 4ml PCTG tank section
  • 1 x nexMESH A1 conical mesh coil (pre-installed)
  • 1 x nexMESH SS316L conical mesh coil
  • Spare parts bag
  • User manual
  • OFRF sticker set
Design & Style9.5
OFRF nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank

The OFRF nexMESH is an average-sized 25mm diameter tank, standing 40.5mm tall without the drip tip attached. I’ve also heard it described as average looking, sharing a quite a resemblance to the Crown IV. I prefer to describe it as understated and neat, which is how I like my tanks.

The tank has a lot of beveled edges, which aids its overall clean appearance. The only break from these clean edges comes in the form of a cross-stiched pattern above the airflow control on the base, and OFRF branding on the chimney.

OFRF nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank

Speaking of the chimney, you will notice that it appears to get narrower towards the top, to help condense the vapor and flavor, much like the conical coils the nexMESH utilizes.

The tank has a slide-to-fill system, which is indicated by a small arrow on the top cap. It was a little stiff for the first week or so but soon loosened up with use. The fill port for the tank also has a small silicone guard to help prevent leaking, but it can still comfortably accommodate large bottle nozzles or droppers.

OFRF nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank

The OFRF nexMESH comes with two glass sections. The first is 5.5ml bubble glass, which we are used to seeing with most sub-ohm tanks. The second is not strictly a glass section, as it’s made from PCTG, an extra durable material that should withstand impacts. This section is straight with only a 4ml capacity. I would’ve liked to have seen the bubble section made out of more durable material, as it protrudes more and will be more prone to breaking if dropped. But that’s just me, I know most vapers prefer their glass tank sections over plastic materials.

Even though there’s not much to wow you with the design of the OFRF nexMESH tank, it’s still a very stylish and well-designed tank that most will be happy to adorn the mods.

OFRF nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank

Build Quality

The OFRF can be stripped down into several pieces for cleaning, but all of the threads are super smooth, and it’s very well-machined throughout.

The O-rings that hold the glass section in place seem nice and robust. The only thing I can mention about the tank we receive is the top fill system was incredibly stiff for the first few fills, but I prefer it that way rather than loose to start.

OFRF nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank

There’s a lot about this tank that reminds me of the Crown IV, and coil replacement is pretty identical. You simply unscrew the base of the tank from the AFC, which will reveal the coil, it’s press-fit, so you just need to pull it out and push in a new one.

The coil sits within a sort of caged chimney with 4 rather large openings to help with juice flow and wicking. As mentioned above the chimney then tapers at the top, this means it’s wide at the bottom to allow the coil to fit and maximize juice intake, and narrow at the top to condense the vapor.

OFRF nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank

One thing that is very different from the nexMESH tank compared to the Crown IV is the coils. OFRF has specially designed mesh heating element inside each coil to be a conical shape. This means they start wider at the base and taper at the top (much like the chimney), which in theory should lead to the vapor becoming more condensed and the flavor more intense.

The tapering is barely noticeable when you look down the coil, but it’s definitely there.

The nexMESH comes with two types of coils included:

  • Kanthal A1 0.2ohm conical mesh coil rated for 55-85W
  • SS316L 0.15ohm conical mesh coil rated for 40-75W / 350°F to 540°F
OFRF nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank

OFRF also states that due to the shape of the mesh, the coils also provide a faster ramp-up time and better airflow. While I couldn’t tell you for definite that that was the case against other mesh coils, there is undoubtedly something magic happening with the conical design which leads to a concentrated, flavorful vape – more on this later.

OFRF also say that the coils have a “Twin absorption wicking system.” I think that’s just marketing speak for saying they have two layers of cotton. Either way, they seem to wick perfectly, even at high wattages – I never once experienced a dry hit.

OFRF nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank


The OFRF nexMESH Sub Ohm tank has two airflow slots that measure 3.5mm x 10mm.

The AFC ring has a hard stop at even end, and plenty of resistance on the turn, so it won’t accidentally change position in your pocket. It can be a little fiddly turning the AFC, as it has no knurling on it, just a beveled edge top and bottom.

Again I have to draw a comparison with the Crown IV when it comes to the amount of airflow the nexMESH can produce. It is however incredibly smooth airflow with no turbulence or whistle at all, even with the AFC turned down. When it’s fully open if you are taking long slow draws, it’s actually remarkably quiet. If on the other hand, you tend to draw hard and fast, it’ll definitely make some noise.

It’s worth noting that I didn’t tend to notice much, if any, increase in flavor with the airflow reduced.

OFRF nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank

There’s been a lot of buzz from other reviewers about the nexMESH, and its excellent flavor produces coils, and I have to whole-heartedly agree with them – these coils and tank are amazing!

I started with the 0.20ohm Kanthal A1 coil, and although it took a little bit of juice to get going, as soon as it did, it felt like I was vaping on a multiple mesh coil. It produces incredibly pronounced flavors and some nuances that I never noticed before from ejuices that I typically vape. I think the coils sweet spot was around 80W, bang in the middle as you’d expect. It really is an excellent coil and a fantastic vape.

OFRF nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank

Moving on to the 0.15ohm SS316L mesh coil, I wasn’t really expecting it to be any better, it could possibly could it?

Oh how I was wrong, this coil managed to take it up another level! The flavor was slightly more pronounced, and it felt just a little smoother or more consistent across the board. Also when you add in the fact, it’s SS316L so you can vape it TC mode, that gives it another edge in my opinion. I found it worked best at around 75W or 450F in TC.

The only one caveat from all that flavor producing excellence from these coils is that they really do go through the juice fast. The double-layered cotton may play a small factor in that, as it holds the juice. But I’d say be prepared for some juice guzzling coils with this tank.

OFRF nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank

It’s also worth noting that the double-layer cotton does its job well and prevents any dry hits. I also never experienced any kind of leaking from the tank, either from the fill system or the airflow, which is excellent. I sometimes wonder with the push to fit coils whether they will always create a proper seal, but these work perfectly.

Good Vibes

  • Good build quality
  • Understated design
  • Easy to clean
  • Slide-to-fill system
  • No leaking
  • Lots of smooth airflow
  • Dense vapor production
  • Amazing flavor production
  • Quick wicking
  • Innovative mesh coil design
  • Easy coil replacement
  • Two tank sections
  • Shock-resistant tank section

Bad Vibes

  • A bit of a juice guzzler
  • Reducing airflow doesn’t enhance the flavor
OFRF nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank


I had to keep reminding myself that the nexMESH is OFRF’s first attempt at a sub-ohm tank. By the quality of this tank, you’d think they had been making them for years.

The one thing they have been exceptional at is producing quality mesh, and the conical design in these coils is no gimmick – it really does produce some fantastic flavor.

I’d even go as far as to say, these single mesh coils easily compete with the multi-coils of competitors tanks. I’d also add to that with the nexMESH is now my favorite sub-ohm tank on the market. Don’t get me wrong I’m still a massive fan of the Crown IV and the Falcon, and there will be loads of you who still may think those are better.

It’s a shame there are only two coil types available, but on the flip side it’s exciting to see what OFRF is going to release next, there could be some multi-conical coils coming.

If you are in the market for a new mesh sub-ohm tank, I’d really urge you to give the OFRF nexMESH a whirl – you really won’t be disappointed. I’d even say those that are happy with their Falcons’s or Crown IV’s to give one a try – highly recommended.




The OFRF nexMESH is easily one of the best sub-ohm tanks on the market. OFRF has really knocked it out of the park with the first sub-ohm tank thanks to the innovative design of the conical mesh coils, which deliver extraordinary flavor and vapor. The tank itself has very little to no flaws, and a delightful understated design - highly recommended.
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Marc P
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The OFRF nexMESH is easily one of the best sub-ohm tanks on the market. OFRF has really knocked it out of the park with the first sub-ohm tank thanks to the innovative design of the conical mesh coils, which deliver extraordinary flavor and vapor. The tank itself has very little to no flaws, and a delightful understated design - highly recommended.OFRF nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank | Review