New Mod from VOOPOO Will be Released on Nov.28th, Can It Become a Legend Again?

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VOOPOO, a leading brand of atomization technology, posted a preview banner of the product launch on its official website these days. Apparently, just a few days later, on November 28, VOOPOO will release its latest MOD.


As a very advantageous vape brand in the MOD category, VOOPOO since 2017 with DRAG into the electronic atomization industry, continue to release several mods with both superior appearance and advanced user experience. VOOPOO announced that it will release a new MOD, which is undoubtedly a piece of great news for the electronic cigarette industry. On their social media, it’s not hard to see fans’ anticipation for the new product.

VOOPOO’s final MOD is particularly special as it comes so close to the end of 2022, which has sparked intense fans’ interest, with industry pundits suggesting that perhaps VOOPOO’s release may be the long-awaited DRAG 4.

It’s no secret that the DRAG series is VOOPOO’s star product. There are four generations of VOOPOO DRAG mods, each with its unique features, which is why DRAG has become synonymous with blockbuster titles.

DRAG 1 is the first to hit the market with its unique concept of instant ignition. DRAG 2, with the innovative “Fit” mode to maximize the taste, to achieve classic. DRAG 3 has been upgraded to a 0.001 second rapid ignition level with innovative 360°airflow regulation and air conditioning, which has won multiple industry awards. A year after the release of DRAG 3, VOOPOO has been holding off on Drag 4, presumably honing its technology for a more than legendary vaping experience.

Is the new product DRAG 4? What are the highlights of the new MOD? What does it mean to warm up the rich flow pattern in the picture? The answer to all this will come on November 28th. Let’s wait until November 28 to see this new product for what it is.

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