Geek Bar S600 Disposables | Review

The latest Geek Bar disposable to hit the shelves.

The Geek Bar S600 is a compact disposable vape pen that follows on from the popular disposable bar.

The S600 features a non-rechargeable 500mAh battery and can deliver 600 puffs per device.

It comes pre-filled with 2ml of salt-based nicotine juice at 2% (20mg).

The S600 has an ergonomic mouthpiece and is encased in an elegant crystal clear design, with the internal body color-coded to match the pre-filled flavor.

The S600 is available in a choice of 10 flavors. We have 7 flavors for review: Grape Geekbull, Kiwi Geekbull, Blueberry Geekbull, Strawberry Geekbull, Blue Razz, Mixed Berries, and Cherry.

Geek Bar S600 Disposables Flavors

Specs & Features

Geekbar S600 Disposable Specifications

  • Dimensions:
  • Capacity: 2 mL
  • Nicotine: 2%
  • Pod resistance: Not specified
  • Battery capacity: 500mAh
  • Puffs: 600
Geek Bar S600 Disposables

Design & Style

The S600 has quite a standout design for a disposable vape pen. It doesn’t conform to the cylindrical shape or dimensions of others. In fact, it is slightly wider and longer than most with the same capacity, but not in a way that makes it too big to be pocket-friendly

I like the injection-molded plastic design with its two layers and colored body. The whole block-like effect reminds me of lego blocks, which I guess is what they were going for with the name.

I also like the subtle ‘Geekbar’ branding, which is in the same color on the front body and barely noticeable. The same goes for the ‘GB’ logo on the reverse. The flavor is cleanly printed in dark on the side in the lower part.

Geek Bar S600 Disposables Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece being clear plastic and comfortable to use is also a plus.

The bottom is solid plastic with one small air hole where the LED light is behind. The light is white, but you get a bit of a colored glow from the colored plastic of the bar.

Overall it’s a very uncluttered and nice design for a disposable vape pen.

Geek Bar S600 Disposables Grape Geekbull

Grape Geekbull

They say: Grape Geekbull S600 offers a delightfully refreshing experience that hits the spot every time. Bubbly notes merge with ripe Mixed Fruits and succulent dark Grapes, creating an instantly recognizable Energy Drink flavor.

Our vibe: The Geekbull energy drink is the main protagonist, with the underlying grape juice coming through toward the end of the exhale. It’s a nice tasting vape, especially if you like energy drinks, but I wished the grape was a little stronger on this one.

Geek Bar S600 Disposables Kiwi Geekbull

Kiwi Geekbull

They say: Kiwi Geekbull features a sugary Kiwi fruit flavor infused into distinct fizzy Mixed Fruit Energy Drink notes.

Our vibe: I feel like the Kiwi is a better mix with this one. It seems to settle down the sharp energy drink flavor and blend nicely together. You definitely get some kiwi goodness through the whole vape. It’s quite a unique mix, and one I’d be happy to vape for extended periods.

Geek Bar S600 Disposables Blueberry Geekbull

Blueberry Geekbull

They say: Blueberry Geekbull S600 features ripe Blueberry notes tossed over a Mixed Fruit Energy Drink flavor for fizzy hits.

Our vibe: Like the Grape variant, the Blueberry gets a little lost with the overpowering energy drink taste and cooling. However, it is more prominent on the exhale and has a nicer aftertaste than the grape version. Again it’s a really nice tasting vape and an interesting mix, just don’t expect full-on bursting blueberries.

Geek Bar S600 Disposables Strawberry Geekbull

Strawberry Geekbull

They say: Sweet Strawberry S600 offers sweet and sugary Strawberry notes with a distinct summer taste.

Our vibe: It’s a definite mix of strawberry and energy drink, and you can distinguish the two flavors. However, I wanted a little more of a strawberry juice punch, but it is still a pleasant vape. Again don’t expect the strawberry to be the main flavor. It tends to come through more on the exhale and aftertaste.

Geek Bar S600 Disposables Blue Razz

Blue Razz

They say: Blue Razz S600 creates a perfectly smooth fruit flavor experience filled with sweet and tart Blueberry hits alongside tangy Raspberry notes.

Our vibe: Solid straight-up good blue raspberry. Unlike the Geekbull ones, there is little to no cooling and no interference in the flavor from the energy drink. It’s just all-out fruity goodness – a very solid and delicious blue raspberry disposable.

Geek Bar S600 Disposables Mixed Berries

Mixed Berries

They say: Mixed Berries S600 creates a sweet and tangy fruit flavor characterized by generous handfuls of rich Mixed Berries.

Our vibe: Like the Blue Razz, the Mixed Berries is a simple fruit blend. There is very little cooling, and the fruits come through nicely. I definitely preferred it over the Geekbull flavors, but it still didn’t wow me. That being said, if you like mixed berry flavors, it’s pretty authentic.

Geek Bar S600 Disposables Cherry


They say: Cherry S600 is pre-filled with a sharp yet sweet Cherry flavor that only gets more flavorsome with each and every inhale!

Our vibe: It’s a definite cherry flavor with an almost sweet and sour mix. There’s also a slight almondy tinge of flavor that you sometimes get with cherry flavors. Definitely not as sweet as some of the other fruit vapes in this brand, but unmistakably a cherry flavor and more of a relaxed vape because of it.

Geek Bar S600 Disposables


There’s no denying that with the S600 and Geek Bar’s new range of flavors, they have gone all-in with the Geekbull theme. As you can tell, most of the flavors we tested are that famous energy drink taste mixed with a type of fruit.

Some of them work well together and are very pleasant vapes. Personally, I prefer my vapes to be more on the traditional fruity side.

It’s also worth noting that the ‘Geekbull’ flavors are a little heavy with the cooling. I feel like Geekbar is a little heavy with the cooling. It’s not the strongest I’ve tried. However, compared to the Zovoo Dragbars and Smok Novo Bars (that we recently reviewed), you definitely feel it more on the back of your throat. That could be a good thing for some, and you get used to it after a couple of puffs – but the first one usually shocks me a little. 

Thankfully there are also some simple flavors on offer (like with the original geek bars), and they were just what you’d expect. I’d happily vape those all day long without any complaints.

Overall the Geek Bar S600s are a decent range of disposable vapes. They deliver well on the puff count and come in a unique and fun design. The ‘Geekbull’ flavors may not be for everyone, but there are still plenty of good choices in the range.

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Overall the Geek Bar S600s are a decent range of disposable vapes. They deliver well on the puff count and come in a unique and fun design. The 'Geekbull' flavors may not be for everyone, but there are still plenty of good choices in the range.
Jules M
Jules M
Jules is our vaping font of knowledge. He has been a passionate vaping supporter since 2013 and spends his time trying to educate people with ‘facts’ on the safety and benefits of vaping.

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Geek Bar S600 Disposables | ReviewOverall the Geek Bar S600s are a decent range of disposable vapes. They deliver well on the puff count and come in a unique and fun design. The 'Geekbull' flavors may not be for everyone, but there are still plenty of good choices in the range.