Augvape Intake RTA | Review

Innovative airflow and leak-proof.

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Augvape Intake RTA

Augvape like to buck the trend a little when it comes to their designs, and none more so than their latest release – the Intake RTA tank.

It’s designed in collaboration with the prolific Mike Vapes, and together they have achieved something quite innovative with the airflow.

The Intake is a 24mm diameter single coil RTA, which features top airflow which channels through a unique pipe system integrated into the build deck.

It has a 4.2ml capacity bubble tank (or a 2.5ml standard straight tank), along with an easy release top fill system.

Will the ‘Intake’ be able to take the crown in a saturated single coil RTA market…Let’s find out.

The Good

Excellent build quality, clever top airflow design, smooth vapor production, leak-proof.

The Bad

Tall and slightly odd looking, only a restricted lung vape, not the best for flavor.

The Bottom Line

I’m really glad the Intake RTA exists, it’s another cleverly designed tank utilizing top airflow for a leak-proof experience. While it may not produce the most outstanding flavorful vape, it does deliver smooth vapor production – if you like a restricted direct to lung vape. It’s a solid single coil RTA with excellent build quality.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us by Augvape for the purpose of this review.


  • Dimensions: 50.5mm by 24mm
  • 4.2ml Bubble Tank Capacity, 2.5ml Standard Tank Capacity
  • Quarter Turn Top, Two Large Fill Ports
  • Two Post Single Terminal Build Deck; Single Terminal, 3mm per Terminal, Top Mounted Philips Screws
  • Corner Wicking Cutouts
  • PEEK Insulation
  • Dual Adjustable Top Airslots; 10mm by 3mm Each Airslot
  • 8mm Wide Bore Delrin 810 Drip Tip
  • 304 Stainless Steel and Glass Construction
  • Gold Plated 510 Contact
  • Available colors: black, stainless steel, blue, and gunmetal

In the Box

  • 1 x Augvape Intake 24mm RTA
  • 1 x Glass Tube
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x 510 Adapter
  • 1 x Spare Parts Bag
Augvape Intake RTA

The Intake RTA is a 24mm diameter tank, which stands tall and proud.

It measures in at 50.5mm in height, which is quite a bit taller than most single coil RTA’s.

Its tall frame is due to the top airflow design and AFC ring being on the top of the tank, which gives it an appearance somewhat like a curvier OBS Engine.

There are two airflow slots of 10mm by 3mm above the main chamber of the tank. The air then travels down through two ‘Intake’ pipes that are connected to the build deck and then up beneath the coil to create bottom airflow.

The Intake comes with a 4.2ml capacity bubble glass tank, and a more slender 2.5ml straight glass tank.

There are two drip tips included; a slender colored Delrin drip tip, or a slightly chunkier black version, both are 810 styles and have an 8mm bore. There’s also a 510 adapter if you wish to use a 510 drip tip.

The Intake RTA is available in Black, Stainless Steel, Gunmetal, and Blue.

Augvape Intake RTA


The Intake RTA is not your conventional type of RTA, not because it features dual top airflow, but because it’s both unseemly and attractive in equal measure.

It is a muscular looking tank, which is accentuated further with the bulging bubble glass. I think the reason it looks a bit ugly is it’s quite top-heavy by design, because of the requirement to have the AFC and fill cap on top.

However, all of the less aesthetically pleasing design elements are out of necessity because of the way the airflow and build deck are laid out. Still, if you look a little closer at the tank, you will notice some nice design aspects that Augvape have gone with.

Firstly, there’s the excellent matte finish of the Blue version we have for review, not to mention it’s a beautiful shade of blue. The drip tip is perfectly subtle and blends nicely with the top cap while remaining comfortable.

The smooth, grooved knurling on the top cap is delicate but prominent enough to grasp easily. There are also small triangular indents both on the base of the tank and the AFC ring, which also aid in the grip but give it a glimmer of style.

One design feature I don’t particularly like is the exposed part of the deck, which peeps through the bottom of the tank. It slightly ruins the overall cohesive look, but I’m not sure how they could eradicate that.

Most single coil RTAs are a little more slender; the Intake is a bit of tall, stocky tank. However, it is a chunky look that grows on you, and although it’s unorthodox in its appearance, it’s all for functional purposes which I appreciate.

Augvape Intake RTA

Build Quality

There is no questioning any aspect of the build quality of this RTA; it is pretty much flawless.

As I mentioned before the paintwork and finish is excellent, and all of the threadings are immaculate and smooth.

I especially love the top fill cap which features the threadless bayonet style that we’ve previously seen by Geekvape. However, I think Augvape have done a better job of it; it’s easy to remove and locks into place simply.

Overall for the price point, you really couldn’t ask for more when it comes to build quality, it is excellent.

Augvape Intake RTA


Augvape’s not one of the largest of vape companies, but of late they have still managed to be pretty prolific with their releases.

More impressively they’ve been willing not just to play it safe, but try something new. We saw this with their first dual battery mod the impressive V200.

The Intake is now another example. It definitely features innovation when it comes to airflow; the use of the two ‘Intake’ tubes is smart and well executed.

Irrespective of whether this original design is down to Mike Vapes or the guys at Augvape, they need to be commended for attempting it and delivering something new.

Build Deck8.5
Augvape Intake RTA

At first glance of the build deck, it looks like it might be a nightmare to build on with the two ‘Intake’ air tubes getting in the way.

In reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s actually incredibly easy to build on thanks to the well-positioned posts, side coil leg slots and screw down post screws. The tubes really cause no issues whatsoever.

However, it’s not the most spacious build deck, and I think 3mm ID coils is probably your maximum. It’s worth making sure you have plenty of wraps to cover the three large airflow slots that sit beneath the coil to really maximize flavor.

I really wish Augvape would include a coil in the kit like other manufacturers. It not only helps to get people started but also gives a good guide as to the optimum coil size to use.

Augvape Intake RTA


In essence, it’s a GTA style deck so getting the wicking right can be a little temperamental.

Fortunately, Augvape has been generous with the wicking holes that sit either side of the deck. They also act as a useful guide for how much cotton you need to tuck through them.

I found it’s best to cut your wicks so the barely, if at all, protrude down into the juice channels at the base of the deck. The juice channels are cut out in an angled fashion, so it’s easy to see, and I think their shape also benefits when it comes to juice flowing to the wicks.

Augvape Intake RTA


The top fill system on the Intake RTA couldn’t be easier to use.

The bayonet style locking mechanism only requires a quick turn counterclockwise, and it unlocks, enabling you to remove the cap in no time at all. Some might think it’s a little too loose, but I’ve had no issues with it moving on its own.

There are two fill ports which are pretty substantial in size so that it can accommodate any dripper top.

Replacing the top cap is just a case of lining up the grooves, which you can quickly feel, then push down and quarter turn clockwise, and it locks into place.

Simple, practical and well implemented.

Augvape Intake RTA


This really is what the Intake RTA is all about – the airflow.

If you’ve glanced over this review and didn’t already know, the Intake RTA features dual top airflow.

The airflow is cleverly channeled down two pipes or ‘Intake’ tubes, which are connected to the build deck. The air then enters beneath the build deck and comes out through three large slots directly underneath your coil. Then it takes the usual route of traveling around the coil, up the chamber, and toward the mouthpiece.

Due to the nature of this design, the Intake doesn’t have the most wide open airflow; it’s more a restricted lung vape. But we will get into the performance of the airflow a little later one.

Obviously, the one huge advantage of this design is it means the Intake is virtually leak resistant, as there’s no way the juice can escape out of the top airflow slots.

Augvape Intake RTA

There are some aspects that I absolutely love about the performance of the Intake RTA and others which are a little underwhelming.

It’s all going to depend on what type of vaper you are, and what you look for in an RTA as to whether they are critical points.

Firstly, this tank is as with other top airflow tanks is pretty much leak proof, and that’s great.

Secondly, even though it is a restricted direct to lung vape, it is incredibly smooth. Far smoother than I imagined it would be, and undoubtedly less turbulent the OBS Engine Nano in my opinion.

But the Intake is not for those that want masses of airflow, and vast clouds.

However, with that smooth restricted vape, comes good flavor. Not amazing, not great…just good.

Augvape Intake RTA


I’m primarily a single coil vaper, whether it’s RDAs or RTAs, and I love a restricted lung vape….that’s my style.

So although the airflow on the Intake wasn’t an issue for me, the lack of punchy flavor was a little disappointing.

I’m not sure whether it’s the fact the chamber needs to be a bit smaller or because of the positioning of the deck that the air has a long way to travel passed the AFC and top cap before it get’s to your mouth.

I’m not saying the flavor is bad; it really isn’t it’s actually quite good. But there are better single coil RTAs available when it comes to flavor.

If you are new to building and moving from sub-ohm tanks then it could be a good RTA to go for, it’s easy to build on and leak-proof. But an experienced RTA vaper may feel a little short-changed in the flavor department.

Augvape Intake RTA


The two airflow slots on the AFC ring are not the largest, and the Intake tubes the air has to travel down are only 3mm in diameter, so I think that all leads to a restricted lung vape.

I’m not sure how Augvape could’ve made it any airier, other than making the tubes wider, which would’ve caused significant space issues with the build deck in an already large tank.

Even though it is a restricted lung vape, it’s one I actually really enjoyed because it does feel incredibly smooth. It’s also not lacking in the cloud production, especially for a single coil RTA.

I did find that dialing in the AFC ring doesn’t seem to make that much difference in comparison to other tanks. I preferred to have the airflow wide open. Otherwise, it verges into an extremely restricted lung vape.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Innovative airflow
  • Leak-proof
  • Easy to build on
  • Good flavor
  • Smooth airflow
  • Decent cloud production
  • Simple top fill system
  • Two glass tanks included
  • Two 810 drip tips
  • 510 adaptor
  • Affordable


  • Restricted DTL draw
  • Slightly odd looking
  • No coils included


The Intake RTA is a very solid RTA if you are a particular type of vaper – somebody who prefers single coils and likes a restricted lung vape.

It would also make a great option for those looking to transition into using RTAs from sub-ohm tanks.

However, if you are accustomed to wide open airy tanks, then this isn’t the RTA for you.

While it won’t win any awards for the flavor production, it’s still good and on par with a lot on the market. The smooth delivery of the airflow also goes some way to make it an even more enjoyable vape.

I like what Augvape and Mike Vapes have attempted to do with the airflow it’s a clever design, and for the most part, it functions admirably. I’m looking forward to seeing if they bring out a revised version because I think with a slightly more open airflow and refined chamber for flavor, this could be a real contender.

I’ve enjoyed my time using the Intake RTA. It’s quite possibly going to stay in my rotation as my travel tank, thanks to its leak-proof design….but unfortunately, it won’t be the first one I reach for when it comes to flavor chasing.


Build Deck


I'm really glad the Intake RTA exists, it's another cleverly designed tank utilizing top airflow for a leak-proof experience. While it may not produce the most outstanding flavorful vape, it does deliver smooth vapor production - if you like a restricted direct to lung vape. It's a solid single coil RTA with excellent build quality.
Marc P
Marc P
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I'm really glad the Intake RTA exists, it's another cleverly designed tank utilizing top airflow for a leak-proof experience. While it may not produce the most outstanding flavorful vape, it does deliver smooth vapor production - if you like a restricted direct to lung vape. It's a solid single coil RTA with excellent build quality.Augvape Intake RTA | Review