8 Reasons to Ditch the Nicotine from your Vape Juice

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Vaping offers many key benefits in comparison to smoking. By now it is common knowledge that Using e-cigarettes is cheaper and healthier than traditional combusted tobacco, but there are other less obvious benefits too.

One big advantage of using vapes is the precise level of control they give users with regards to how much nicotine they ingest. 

Many people switch from cigarettes to vapes with the eventual aim of quitting nicotine entirely. Because of the minute level of control that vaping gives you over your nicotine intake, slowly weaning yourself off nicotine can be a lot easier than with other nicotine replacement products. 

Some users may want to continue vaping even after discontinuing their nicotine use. Fortunately, there is an abundance of nicotine-free vaping options on the market. If you are unsure whether nicotine-free vaping is for you, read on for some of the best reasons to make the switch.


Let’s face it, the main reason that people first switch to vaping over smoking is to break free of their addiction to cigarettes. Even though vaping is far less harmful to health than smoking, vaping with nicotine is still habit-forming, and users who cannot vape for whatever reason will likely experience withdrawals.

As long as you are still addicted to nicotine, the chance of relapsing into using tobacco is fairly high. Fortunately, most vape juices are now available to purchase without the addition of this addictive substance. If you want to enjoy the flavor and experience of vaping without the addictive effects, opt for an e-liquid that has 0mg nicotine.

8 Reasons to Ditch the Nicotine from your Vape Juice


Almost without exception, the ingredients that constitute e-liquid are all food-grade and approved for human consumption. The most notable exception to this is nicotine.

Although nicotine itself is far less harmful than many of the other products that are produced by burning tobacco, for example, tar, formaldehyde, and benzene,  it is still a toxic substance that is carcinogenic in and of itself.

By opting to use an e-liquid without nicotine you reduce your exposure to a toxic substance, and you won’t have to worry too much about spills or misplacing your bottles, as nicotine-free juice is a harmless and benign substance.


Experienced vapers will already be aware that different e-liquids have different degrees of harshness or “throat hit”.

When smokers initially switch to vaping, a strong throat hit is often preferred as it most closely mimics the sensation of smoking. However, after a relatively short duration, many vapers find that they prefer a milder throat hit. Asides from switching to an e-liquid with a lower percentage of propylene glycol (PG), the most effective way of softening the throat feel of your vape is to lower or eliminate the nicotine.


As well as a smoother vape, many people who switch to non-nicotine vaping report a better flavor intensity. Although nicotine only has a very mild odor, it does have a significant flavor that can affect the taste of your e-liquid.

The taste of nicotine itself is difficult to define, but many vapers describe it as “synthetic” and “peppery.” 

The inclusion of nicotine in e-liquid can have a dramatic effect on the way it tastes. To avoid this, and to focus on experiencing the more pleasurable flavor compounds in your juice, try a nicotine-free e-liquid instead.

8 Reasons to Ditch the Nicotine from your Vape Juice

Cloud Chasing

Cloud chasing is a style of vaping that involves blowing the largest clouds of vapor possible. Vapers who want to cloud chase typically use very powerful devices with low resistance coils. 

The production of massive clouds can use a lot of e-liquid. If the e-liquid contains nicotine, this can quickly translate to a much higher than average exposure to the substance.

Nicotine inhalation, especially in large amounts, comes with a host of side effects including blood pressure aberrations and changes in mood. Also, over the long term, the level of nicotine addiction will increase with greater exposure, making it harder to quit and far more likely that users will relapse into smoking tobacco.

To avoid potentially harmful exposure to high levels of nicotine, use a nicotine-free e-liquid if you like cloud chasing.


Most vapers use e-cigarettes as a means of stopping or reducing their tobacco dependence. As such, nicotine-free e-liquids tend not to be as popular as their nicotine-containing cousins. For this reason, you will often find nicotine-free e-liquids in the clearance section of vape shops, and this can be a great way for the price-conscious vaper to save some pennies.

For even bigger savings, why not try mixing your own e-liquid? Nicotine is by far the most expensive element when buying the materials to make your own e-liquid, so opting to mix your juice nicotine-free is an incredibly economic way of vaping.

8 Reasons to Ditch the Nicotine from your Vape Juice

Hit those sweet cravings

There is an abundance of different flavors of e-liquid available on the market, and many vapers find that they prefer the sweeter end of the taste spectrum. For users who have a historically sweet tooth, or even those suffering from diabetes, vaping sweet flavors can offer a brilliant way of enjoying the sensation of sweetness, risk-free. 

If one of the reasons you vape is to satisfy sugar cravings then we recommend you try nicotine-free vaping. Not only will this improve the flavor of your clouds, but you minimize other risks associated with nicotine ingestion while still enjoying the delicious sweetness of your favorite flavors.

Take a Nicotine Vacation

With cigarettes, it’s pretty easy to know when to stop – Unless you are a chain-smoker, a single cigarette will likely provide the hit you need. By contrast, many vapes have a tank that can contain several days’ worth of juice, and this means that vapers have to rely on intuition to know when to put their device away.

It is fairly common for vapers, especially those just starting, to overindulge in their habit now and then. Inhaling too much nicotine can cause a host of fairly unpleasant effects, but you may still have the urge to vape even though more nicotine is the last thing your body needs!

Opting for a nicotine-free e-juice gives you the option of continuing to enjoy your vape habit, sans the nicotine, so you can give your body a rest from that substance while not sacrificing your enjoyment.

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